Teaching the basics.

I have noticed more and more through the years that kids now a days have no manners and no respect. Our first lesson on day one of our children’s lives was respect. Respect your parents rule #1. Respect yourselves #2. Rule #3 demand respect from others. Rule #4 don’t respect those who disrespect you. #5 Remember that just because someone disagrees with your opinion doesn’t mean your being disrespected. Last and not least respect others opinions and do not try to enstill your views on others.

Now down to the nitty gritty. The world doesn’t owe anyone anything. There is no need to behave like a self righteous, entitled jerk. I’m sick of seeing these kids out and not showing respect for anyone much less themselves. Young men and boys please hold the door open for all females and anyone elderly. It’s called chivalry, Google it, learn it and LIVE IT! Young ladies and girls do not overexpose your bodies, make them love you for your mind! Also, youngsters please respect that when an older person gives you advice it’s because we know, from experience, what we are talking about. You don’t have to follow said advice, just listen and be considerate. After all you may learn something new. Believe me when I say you can take the free advice you are being donated or you can take life’s kick in the rear and learn the hard way.

Song of the day: Wake up Sunshine by Elf





The poem monster

I have never shared that I was an English major in college. My primary focus was creative writing. I always knew I had talent but I lacked inspiration. So, about a year ago my husband asked me write something for him. It was a poem called “Babe.” Then all of a sudden, it’s like I couldn’t stop myself. Just looking at my amazing husband was enough to fill pages and notebooks with words so powerful and beautiful that it was hard to read them afterward. Yes, of course I could have written about my children but it was my husband that inspired me, he continues to inspire me everyday. He is the love of my life, my first crush, first kiss and is the other half that completes me. To put it simply HE IS MY EVERYTHING! So I write him poems and we have our boys copy and hence practice their handwriting. 

Homeschooling Success relies on the entire FAMILY

Homeschooling is not easy by far. There is a lot of dedication, determination and discipline involved. I can’t imagine how a single parent could do it. I’m sure it’s possible and I admire any single parent that would take on such an enormous task. Even a family unit consisting of both a mother and father have to put in effort, that starts by teaching by example. The most important thing a mother and father could teach their children is to keep their family united. All marriages have issues, have problems, have obstacles but the willingness to overcome them takes a certain type of individual. An individual has to understand and appreciate the sanctity of marriage and then find a partner that has equal views and willingness to commit to marriage. My husband and I have taught and continue to teach our children by example that a family unit consists of a mother or father and their children. The foundation of a family starts with parents and as parents we need to take the proper measurements to continue to strengthen our marriage therefore strengthening our family’s foundation. 

Daddy’s Arsenal

There’s a certain feeling I get when I am able to add to my husband’s unique sound. I am so grateful to be able to witness such a mind blowing event and time in our lives. Thank you my love for sharing your creative essence with our boys and I. Love you so much, you are the breathe that gives me life.

Song of the day: I came home to you  by Edward Gurrola

Sports and P.E.

As a woman and coming from a family that is dominated by women, I always assumed all men loved sports. That included playing sports as well, growing up I remember always seeing boys play football, basketball and what have you. Now as a mother of 3 boys I see the interest of sports is there but not the physical dynamic to actual try and experience sports.  

I will say we aren’t your typical watch football every Sunday can’t wait till the Superbowl family. We are the can’t wait there is only two weeks left before the Daytona 500 starts racing season again, and commit ourselves to watching every Sunday’s race family! 

Yes! Our family loves racing. Our kids know every driver by name, number and sponsor without taking a breathe. NASCAR has literally helped my children understand mathematics, science and mechanics like nothing else in this world could! I thank God my husband introduced me and has influenced our children so that they understand and enjoy racing. My husband took me to my first race before we had any children and now it’s an annual tradition of ours. 

Now, does the love of racing make my kids want to go outside and throw a ball around? No. Does it make them horseplay all over the yard? No. Does it make them race every single time they feel there is an opportunity to be first at anything? Yes! Does it make them playfight because one spun out the other on the last lap of the race? Yes! 

My kids enjoy and like other sports. But, racing is in their blood and that’s what I’m going to go with for now. 

Song of the day:  Freebird By Lynyrd Skynyrd

A million miles 

I know I have already mentioned that my husband  Edward plays guitar but I have not emphasized on the caliber of his musical talent. I have not given him his due public review. Now, I must state that due to my level admiration, respect, devotion and love for my husband he will by complete certainty say that I am biased. If I say that I am not all biased would be an inaccurate assessment, BUT one thing I do know, believe and express is that My husband Edward Gurrola is an astonishing musician. Throughout the years he has developed his talents and poured blood, sweat and tears into his music. He’s not just a guitarist, he’s a and intoxicating lyricist. The songs he writes are the kinds of songs a woman wants to hear a man play for her, dance with her, dedicate to her and give her the first and most unforgettable kiss to. I have been rewarded with the privilege of witnessing him in his zone. Hours will pass when he is plugged in and I feel complete utter bliss. Sometimes he won’t even realize I’m watching him, that is the best time for me to secretly record him. I fall in love again every time. The way his shoulders and back move along with the sound that he is creating is one of the most significant and impactful moments I have ever experienced. The way his arms cradle that guitar are identical to the way he holds me. When I said he writes lyrics, I held out on some very important information. All his songs are about our lives, that woman is me and he sings them himself. His voice is sexy, deep, raspy, kind of like a combination between John Meyer and Young Ozzy Osbourne.

My husband is very modest, he will be the first one to say he isn’t the most technical, or the most skilled musician but he will admit that he has heart. Well not only does he have heart, he has the most heart of any person I have ever known, seen or even heard of. My Edward has what I like to refer to as The Lion Heart. He’s a leader, a warrior for the love of music and for our family. 

I encourage everyone to look up Edward Gurrola on YouTube, and experience what I am raving about for yourselves… This what the “it” factor on looks and sounds like full display. Enjoy!

Song of Day: Million Miles by Edward Gurrola 

Sex, Drugs & Rock-N-Roll 

Where does homeschooling fit in? At the very beginning, that’s where! My husband and I make music a way of life in our household, particularly yes Rock music, but that doesn’t mean we don’t show them other types. Today I went a bit off course and played Tupac Shakur from his early hits to the posthumous  Makaveli album. The boys were jamming out today, I could see their heads bopping up and down while they were working. My 7 year old Jonah was particularly moved by “Dear Momma.” He asked me to hold on so he could add it to his YouTube playlist, then he comes to confirm that he should put it in a different category as the more played music in our home. Then I instantly had a realization, my boys watch a whole lot of YouTube and at some point in time they had to have heard or will hear the whole sex, drugs and rock n roll statement and questions will arise. You know, I understand why sex and drugs are automatically connected to Rock n Roll, what I don’t understand is why is that bad thing?  SEX is how we reproduce and when with someone special is very beautiful. DRUGS ok I understand but not only Rock N Roll musicians do drugs, some of world’s greatest symphony composers were drug users, rappers, actors, actresses, politicians, and even normal people like you and I. And just like drugs everything in excess without moderation is bad. 

In our generation it was taboo to question, much less educate ourselves, about sex and drugs. No reason was a good reason even for educational purposes. So we decided to be honest with our children and teach them that drugs don’t discriminate and they will take the life of whoever entertains them. Then when it comes to sex honesty, safety and responsibility are the only way to go about it. Most importantly we teach our kids that we are here for them if they have questions. Additionally, that no question is a stupid question, and as long as it doesn’t disrespect them, us and the purpose of the question. Ask away children, ask away!

Song of the Day: “Dear Momma” by Tupac Shakur